General Queries

SanKash allow you to offer your customer - travel loans on itinerary issued by you. It allows your customers to travel anytime and pay in EMI’s/parts for their bookings after they travel. It is the only solution, custom tailored for travel. Our payment process is completely online and quick (2-3 mins) for the customer

Your customer stays with you while we only process their travel finance.

SanKash’s pay-in-parts solution can help you to lift conversion rates, upgrade the package, help you receive immediate payments with zero payment risk and worry-free servicing

Step 1: Pitch SanKash Travel Loan to convert and upgrade your customer quickly

Step 2: Login to SanKash travel agent portal, enter basic contact details about customer and send the link to the customer

Step 3: Customer receives link on his email, fills the application online and receive decision immediately > makes down payment

Step 4: You receive the decision (approved/rejected) and confirmation immediately

Step 5: You will receive money within T + 3 days like credit card

Your customer’s secrecy and privacy is our top priority. The customer stays with you; we only service the financing

Everything you need is available on your agent portal, you can use

  1. Product calculator to discuss about EMI

  2. Eligibility calculator tell you basic criteria of getting loan.

  3. Process flow can be accessed through customer journey

  4. Support tab on the agent portal- can be used for raising any concerns if you have any!

We only collect data which is relevant for us to decide on the loan eligibility of your customer. The information we need is similar to the one for providing a credit card. Moreover, your customer’s information is kept with our highest level of security. Our privacy policy is hosted on our website for your review.